Gang Warz

There is no denying that being a true ganger is so amazing! And with Gang Warz, you can become one that is able to gain control of the streets by taking down all enemies. Are you up for this 2D Shooter game packed with action? You will surely love to play it over and over again on your browser. The game takes you to many streets where you must annihilate all of your opponents using the items you pick from the ground or any weapons that you are currently holding. Aim for the headshots, shoot them down as you try to protect yourself from their shots too! When you get in a car, drive it through the streets and use your car ability (also known as gun truck) to deal more damage to your rivals. The car can help better your movement speed too, in case you want to speed up. You will come across many advanced AIs, a wide range of weapons as well as plenty of vehicles on the streets. Are you ready for Gang Warz? Come to play it now!

How To Play About Gang Warz

Move your character with arrow keys or WASD, use key G to drop items, the left mouse to use them. Click the mouse to drive the car, key Esc to exit it, key W to use its ability and spacebar to disable turning.