Galaxystrife is a fun space Io game which is free for all to play solo. Get ready to enjoy the new match with multiple online enemies and prove your own shooting skill! The goal that you will implement in the upcoming challenge is not as simple as you think. You are taking part in an intense battle in which you will control a ship and fight against aggressive foes. So as to become the winner or top player in Galaxystrife, you are forced to kill the most opponents. Besides, you are recommended to dodge attacks for survival. The duration is also an important element to conquer the leaderboard. Furthermore, it’s easy to see lots of items scattered across the battlefield. They can be weapons or special abilities, for example, machines guns, plasmas orbs, grenades, mines, and so on. You do not forget to switch on their effects promptly. Good luck!

How To Play About Galaxystrife

Use the mouse to direct, LMB to shoot, RMB to control abilities