Are you up for more hordes of zombies? Come to join game right now which is known as the second edition of You will get addicted to this Zombies-themed game for sure. The game is back with better graphics, gameplay and improved features. Feel free to play it with full 3D settings if you want. Like the first chapter, you will take on the role of either a human or a zombie and you must kill each other for the ultimate survivor. The objective of the human team is that they have to keep themselves away from the zombie outbursts. You have to go find lots of objects to move, use them to build shelters, strong covers and stay inside of your buildings to elude the zombies. The main goal of the zombie team is to go tag as many humans as possible then turn them into the zombies as well. Which team can reach the final glory at the end of the match? Join game now!

How To Play About

Perform the movement by using arrow keys or WASD. You can take a leap over objects using the spacebar. To assault enemies, click the left mouse button.